How about a HEALTHY Halloween??

Healthy Halloween

With one in three children in year 6 being overweight or obese, festive times like Halloween and Christmas certainly aren’t going to be any help towards bringing levels of childhood obesity down!

Halloween Sweets!

Halloween is yet another event in our calendars, which is now simply represented by sugar and fat in the form of sweets and chocolates. I always think it’s a shame when festive times get taken over by unhealthy foods alone. There are so many delicious, healthy foods out there and there are also so many ways to make festive times fun without simply reaching for the sugar!

A Healthy Halloween?

This Halloween, why not challenge the idea of high sugar, high fat foods being the centre and try something different to make Halloween fun? You could try games, decorating the house, Halloween related dinners or even a ghost walk with the family.

If you’re looking for some sweet treats that might still be of interest to your little ones, there are still plenty of these ideas too. A quick Google search for Healthy Halloween Ideas can help but I’ve included some of my favourite ideas below.

  • Focus on fruits. There are so many varieties of fruits and so many colours that it’s easy to make things like squashed brains (mashed banana), blood (squashed red fruits), spiders (raisins with legs) etc.
  • Try making homemade sweets so you can control the amount of sugar in them. There are plenty of recipes online. Again, you can also base these on fruits – apricots, bananas and strawberries dipped in chocolate, flapjacks with writing on them, cornflake cakes with red berries squashed on top.
  • Halloween themed toys may also work instead of sweeties why not opt to give out Halloween themed toys, magazines or miniature games for children to play with. It might make a nice change for them and is something that will at least last past their bedtime.
  • Tangerines and bananas also make a great treat, especially if you can draw some spooky faces on them.
  • Making mini popcorn bags can be fun too. Make some plain popcorn and top them off with a sprinkle of paprika so they have a rusty, halloweeney look, or you could dip them in squashed raspberries too.

Of course these are all ideal treats for kids at this time of year, but realistically (and if you want to avoid your house being egged!) you may also need to offer up some run of the mill (boring) sweets too. If this is the case, try to opt for snack size chocolate bars and small packets of sweet rather than large grab bags and just offer a small amount, rather than handfuls per child.

Some more Healthy Halloween ideas..

It may sound like an unlikely and unpopular idea but remember, we are living in times when these foods are not just eaten at Christmas, birthdays and Halloween. They are generally consumed on a daily basis, which is resulting in increased weight and poor health for our children.

See my cousin's little boy, Archie, Trick or Treating for apples at a local market. Adorable.

See my cousin’s little boy, Archie, Trick or Treating for apples at a local market. Adorable.









Other ideas for a Healthy Halloween:

Take a look at this great spread of Healthy Halloween treats from my friend and colleague Catherine Lippe:

Hello Fresh UK have also shared some brilliant ideas for healthy, fun Halloween treats too:

Healthy Halloween hello-fresh-orange

This website also has some fab foodie ideas with a real Halloween twist

And here are some other ideas from twitter too:

Halloween gone healthy with scary parfaits…….yogurt is goo, grapes are eye balls, strawberries mashed up is blood, granola is the ground bones…..gross, fun and healthy! – Kelly Springer MS, RD, CDN

Creepy ginger ale with spooky ice cubes – Blood-red, raspberry ice cubes are fun for tricks and treats alike. As the ice cubes melt, the soda will turn red! – Wholefoods market

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