Top Food Trends for 2017!

Top food trends for 2017

What happened in 2016? Well, PLENTY actually when it comes to Nutrition and Food. Last year I wrote about A Healthy Spin on 2016 Food Trends and most of what I’d included seemed to come true. Vegetables had a good year with courgetti, cauliflower pizza bases and beetroot really taking the limelight. We also saw plant-based everything becoming trendy in the mainstream and, lastly, the idea that we can get protein from sources other than meat (oh the shock!) also seemed to take off.

This year I’ve got a feeling we will be seeing much of the same when it comes to food trends, but just to give some more details, here are some of my predictions around what may be some big food trends for 2017….

Top food trends for 2017

Fibre –

Fibre has long-been overshadowed by other nutrients and it’s time that this nutrient had it’s turn. In 2015 a Government report upped the recommendation for how much fibre we should have in our diet (see my article on the new fibre recommendations). This occurred despite the fact that we weren’t getting enough fibre in our diets anyway. That means one thing – that they are serious that most of us should be eating MORE fibre. Therefore keep your eye out this year for some fibre-fueled foods on the market. Additionally, this trend goes hand in hand with the “low sugar” trend that is likely to be continuing, as fibre (specifically inulin), is often used as a replacement to sugar in foods…

Low Sugar –

As the food industry got to work this year frantically doing what they could to reduce sugar in their products (without compromising the taste), we’re likely to see more food products that are showing off their “reduced sugar” or “low sugar” status. See my blog for why it’s harder than you might think for the food industry to reduce sugar in foods.

Gut Health –

Gut Health as a food trendIn early 2017 I will be attending a Rooted Project conference all about gut health, so keep your ears peeled on my twitter account for the conversation. Along with fibre, I think gut health is going to be a popular topic for 2017. Not that it hasn’t been popular in previous years, but hopefully we will start to see conversations about gut health become more mainstream. However, as products aren’t currently allowed to talk much about their potential ‘probiotic’ or ‘prebiotic’ effects, it may be a while yet until we start seeing much talk around digestive health on product labels.


Plant Proteins –

The trend for protein doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. People are loving protein and in 2016 protein foods really took a turn in popularity from previously being something associated mainly with gym go-ers, to becoming popular your everyday Jo Public. Plant protein and the use of foods such as nuts, seeds, seaweed, tofu and hemp are likely to maintain their popularity throughout 2017!

A few other Food Trends for 2017:

  • Hopefully a shift towards more ‘healthy convenience’ foods on the shelves
  • More talk about genetics and nutrition, especially relating to “personalised nutrition plans”
  • More Fitspo than ever
  • Lots of avocados and the new emoji to go with them
  • Children’s foods that focus more on vegetables
  • New specially healthy ‘super’ waters
  • More of a focus on multivitamins and supplements

Lets see which of these trend ideas come to fruition. Check back next year to see..I know I will!

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