Nutrition News: This week in tweets…

Nutrition News from Nutrition Consultant and Media Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed

Welcome to this week’s Nutrition News, featuring sugar reduction, enlightening new research on obesity, and some great tips for exercise, weight loss and optimal nutrition!

The pressure is on with Public Health England due to announce their national sugar reduction programme next month as part of the Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan. Breakfast cereals and chocolate bars were first in the line of fire in the headlines this week as campaigners say they are still too high in sugar:

This week in the nutrition news we saw plenty more studies looking at obesity and the impact it has on our health:

With the ‘New Year New Me’ concept still fairly fresh in our minds, we saw a couple of articles with tips around exercise and weight loss:

As usual we saw some great articles covering topics around maternal and infant nutrition, as well as information for those trying to conceive:

This week’s Nutrition News this week also saw some great work around improving public health outside of the UK too:

And to finish off, with this week’s Nutrition News we have some helpful dietary tips and cooking pointers to optimise nutrition:

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Nutrition News and please, as ever, let us know if we have missed anything.

Don’t forget to catch up on BBC One’s Food: Truth or Scare from this week too. I’m on episode two and five this week but was involved with all of them. Would love to know what you think…

Lastly, a big thank you and shout out to my new interns Julia and Iman who have supported me in putting this feature together. You’ve done a brilliant job!

Have a wonderful weekend all.