Nutrition News: This week in tweets…

Nutrition News from Nutrition Consultant and Media Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed

Welcome to this week’s Nutrition News! This week we saw some interesting articles on Valentine’s Day nutrition as well as discussions around vitamin supplements, a ‘balanced diet’ and obesity.

To kick start: Valentine’s Day may have passed, however here are some healthy tips and recipes that can tug your loved ones’ heartstrings every day of the year!

Vitamins, especially vitamin D, caused quite a stir in this week’s nutrition news headlines:

This week we also saw some articles on new research related to gut health, dieting and other potentially health benefiting habits

A couple of good articles addressing some myths and common misconceptions about our foods:

And to finish off, we have a few assorted articles on obesity, practical tips for eating healthy on-the-go, and current issues related to some foods of interest:

Thank you for reading this week’s Nutrition News. We really hope you found it interesting. Let us know if we have missed any important articles and do share it if you found it useful.