Nutrition News: This week in tweets…

Nutrition News from Nutrition Consultant and Media Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed

Welcome to this week’s Nutrition News. All the Nutrition headlines in one place and in tweet form so they are easy to share. This week I visited a talk by The Rooted Project, all about Gut Health. And so there was a lot of talk in the Nutrition News about this too, mainly due to “Trust me I’m a doctor covering the topic too.

A good look at what we currently know when it comes to gut health. Even though there is so much more to learn

The Petition to protect the title for Registered Nutritionists got over 6 thousand likes this week too. This is really exciting progress.

There were quite a few articles on my favourite topic of child health and nutrition this week too:

In other sugar related news (because it’s a rare week when we escape all talk on sugar!) we saw France make some new laws towards tackeling high sugar intakes:

In other news, this week Belling share their latest campaign which aims to make it easier to live in a multi-meal household. With plenty of free-from recipe ideas from me:

And finally some random pieces of Nutrition News to close:

Thank you for reading this week’s Nutrition News feature. Next week I’ll be welcoming my new intern(s) to the job so bare with us whilst we jiggle things around and get to grips with all the headlines for you. Do let us know, as ever if we have missed anything vital.