Nutrition News: Last week in tweets…

Nutrition News from Nutrition Consultant and Media Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed

Last week with the bank holidays threw me all out of sync. However, here are the Nutrition News headlines from last week – mostly chocolate related, as you can imagine! Last week’s Nutrition News also saw a lot of interest around ‘clean eating’ and dairy-free diets too.

First up, some informative articles focusing on the health complications of ‘clean eating’ and dairy-free diets, including advice on how to avoid these complications:

  • The problem with taking advice from self-styled nutrition “experts” as opposed to registered nutritionists:

As it was Easter! Indulging in a few chocolate eggs was inevitable. Nutrition News has some articles on alternative Easter eggs as well as the pros and cons of chocolate:

This week’s Nutrition News also saw a few articles on obesity and unhealthy eating trends:

And to close, a few miscellaneous articles about new studies and specific foods: