Nutrition News: This week in tweets…

Nutrition News from Nutrition Consultant and Media Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed

Welcome to this week’s Nutrition News! We’ve seen a great deal of interesting and informative articles especially some around Coeliac Awareness Week and many more!

In light of Coeliac Awareness Week, we’ve seen plenty of articles dedicated to raising awareness of the disease:

This week there’s been concern in the Nutrition News around arsenic as a UK study reveals that there are dangerously high levels in 50% of riced-based baby food:

We’ve also seen articles focusing on the Childhood Obesity Plan and what more is needed to tackle the epidemic:

And last but not least, an assortment of general diet, health and nutrition news stories:

We hope you found this week’s Nutrition News interesting and informative. We’d love to hear feedback or about any articles you think we’ve missed!