Don’t Salt My Game Podcast: Maternal and child nutrition

With support from Laura Thomas Phd.

Don’t Salt My Game Podcast

A while ago now I was asked to be involved with Laura Thomas’ podcast – Don’t Salt My Game – which I was delighted about, mainly because it’s a fantastic podcast but also because I got to talk about my favourite topic of maternal and child nutrition for around 2 hours!

The podcast in the end was broken down into two parts. One part focused on nutrition before and during pregnancy and the second part all about breastfeeding and infant feeding.

Below are the links to the two podcasts, it really is worth a listen, especially if you’re interested in nutrition or if you’re thinking about having a baby or even just had one.

Part 1 – Whoah Mama

Part 2 – Whoah Mama

As these two podcasts covered a mammoth topic area, we mainly had to rely on questions sent in by Laura’s listeners as well as a few questions that Laura had herself. This meant, of course, that I didn’t get to cover EVERYTHING that’s essential to know on these topics – that would be impossible – but you can read more about on my blogs about these topics including Child Nutrition and Pregnancy Nutrition at any time.

Maternal and Child Nutrition –

However, I decided to do a brief summary, over two blog posts, of what was discussed during my chat with Laura, for anyone who prefers to have things written down. I’ve included links, where relevant, to other documents and materials so you can read more around the topics we discussed.  During the podcast I was keen to bust some myths and get some real nutrition information out there about pregnancy, breastfeeding and child nutrition. SO here goes for each of the topics discussed.

Part One: A brief summary of the discussion –

Pregnancy Nutrition Tips:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight BEFORE pregnancy is important to chances of conceiving – being either overweight or underweight may reduce chances of conceiving and so getting yourself to a healthy weight BEFORE you get pregnant is a good idea. Eating a well balanced diet is the way to try and do this, whatever else you read in the media.
  • What should we be eating for fertility? Check out my blog on the exact topic of Fertility Foods. Remember not to stress yourself out about it too much – no specific foods will help or deter you from conceiving, but eating well and being generally healthy is likely to support your efforts.
  • In the UK we don’t have recommendations around what a “typical” weight gain should be during pregnancy. However, the UK guidelines do strongly recommend not actively trying to lose weight once you are pregnant, as getting enough nutrients is what’s important during this time! See Feeding your Foetus for more…
  • Dealing with nausea and cravings during pregnancy – Do listen to your body somewhat, but remember to eat regular meals, focus on ‘healthy’ and plain snacks to help top up energy levels whilst keeping nausea at bay. See my blog on top ten healthy pregnancy snacks.
  • During pregnancy, it may also help to eat ‘little and often’ rather than focusing on three large main meals. This can be especially true if you’re suffering from heartburn, low energy or nausea.
  • Lastly we talked about specific foods/nutrients such as fruits and vegetables, smoothies, fibre and the importance of fish and omega-3 fatty acids. You can read all about the ins and outs of nutrition during pregnancy or listen to Part One of the Don’t Salt My Game Podcast instead.

During next week’s blog post I’ll cover all the details of our Don’t Salt My Game Discussion that we discussed in podcast two. This was mainly around the areas of breastfeeding nutrition and introducing solid foods to baby. Don’t forget to listen to the podcast or check out my blog if you’re keen to find out more about either of these areas before next week.