Nutrition News: This Week in Tweets

Nutrition News from Nutrition Consultant and Media Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed

Welcome to this week’s Nutrition News! We have a densely-packed edition for you all today! A sugar scandal around cereals has broken out as well as an egg recall, and we also found articles on tackling obesity, new studies, and much more.

To start off, let’s look at the cereals scandal:

There was also a recent scare concerning eggs:

In other news, there have been further efforts to tackle childhood obesity in UK schools:

We saw a few more articles on childhood nutrition as well:

This week’s Nutrition News also saw some articles around new studies on vitamin B3:

A couple of articles on obesity also featured:

And finally, to close, we have an assortment of articles on various topics from salt to iron to plant-based eating:

Thank you for reading Nutrition News! If we missed anything, please feel free to let us know!