Nutrition News – This Week in Tweets

Nutrition News from Nutrition Consultant and Media Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed

Welcome to Nutrition News! We’re back in 2018 with plenty of new nutrition stories on sugar, junk food, energy drinks and more!

Children’s snacks made big headlines in the Nutrition News this week. While calorie-counting for children was a bit controversial for some, the take-away message is that children are consuming far too much sugar:

Here are some snack suggestions that fit the bill for a bit of inspiration:

We also saw a couple of stories on energy drinks with some wonderful and reassuring progress:

As usual, health fads are still going strong:

We also saw a couple of articles on some recent studies:

And, to close, a few miscellaneous stories:

Thanks for reading Nutrition News! Have a great weekend and we hope to see you again next week!

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