Superdrug’s Nutrition Ambassador Role 2018

Superdrug's Nutrition Ambassador Role

In 2016 I was asked to take on the Superdrug’s Nutrition Ambassador Role, which I was absolutely thrilled at. Luckily for me I have been asked to join the team for a second year and therefore will be Superdrug’s Nutrition Ambassador throughout 2018!

I’ve loved working closely with Superdrug over the last year or so – helping to spread positive messages about food, nutrition and health around the UK.

My work with Superdrug involves:

  • Attending events and answering questions on nutrition
  • Supporting them with healthy recipe development such as this fab vegan pancake recipe
  • Using their products to create some tasty and different recipe ideas
  • Answering questions for the media and providing comment on exciting news stories
  • Running online chats and Q and A sessions
  • And, even recording some video content for them too.

Last year (when I was heavily pregnant I may add) I worked on some great videos with the Superdrug team around, beauty foods, healthy snacking, foods for mums and also vegan recipes.

You can check some of the videos out below:

I’d love to know your thoughts or any comments you have on the videos. Hopefully we will get some more created this year too.

Just for some more information the Superdrug team also includes a panel of 8 “experts” who all offer advice on their individual specialist areas to Superdrug and Superdrug’s customers. This means that Superdrug are offering a rounded approach to their health advice, which is so important when it comes to Nutrition.

The current panel includes Dr Pixie McKenna (Health expert), AJ Odudu (Fitness ambassador) Alix Fox (Sexpert) Clare Diamond (Mindfulness expert) Niamh McMillian (Pharmacist) Tim Morgan (Pharmacist) and Catherine Turner (Nurse).

My work as Superdrug’s Nutrition Ambassador:

See below for photos of my work and time with Superdrug…

Superdrug's Nutrition Ambassador

My profile picture for the Superdrug panel


Superdrug's Nutrition Ambassador

Just one of the many pancake recipes I made for Superdrug!


Superdrug's Nutrition Ambassador

Myself and some of the other panel experts at the photoshoot


Superdrug's Nutrition Ambassador Role

My live twitter Q and A for Superdrug


Superdrug's Nutrition Ambassador Role

The whole panel of experts!