Charlotte’s work covers a broad range of areas from work with local County Councils to brand campaigns and PR work and to providing articles and quotes for the media. To see some of Charlotte’s projects take a look at the links below.

Media Nutritionist | TV, radio & press | nutrition brand communications
Media and TV Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed

Channel 5 News…

Charlotte recently appeared live on Channel 5 to discuss latest research on obesity in children and teenagers

Superdrug's Nutrition Ambassador

Superdrug’s Nutrition Ambassador

Charlotte is now officially Superdrug’s Nutrition Ambassador having already worked the brand on a few projects in 2016. Charlotte will now continue working with Superdrug throughout 2017 offering advice, support and providing quotes for press as well as specifically working on some exciting projects that Superdrug have in mind. Watch this space to see more…



Throughout 2016 and 2017 Charlotte has been working with the dried fruit and nut brand, Whitworths, on a variety of projects. Some of Charlotte’s work has involved supporting on communications for media, press and the public but Charlotte has also worked on some of Whitworth’s NPD projects and attended internal conferences as well as been…



In late 2016 Charlotte worked on a project with Itsu to help them with some of their new products launches and with their communications to the press. Charlotte supported them on some communications about their Soy, seaweed and other vegan products that were being sold as lunch options in their chain stores. 



Charlotte recently worked with Bassetts Vitamins on a variety of projects. Charlotte was lucky enough to get a factory tour and see where Bassetts has been making vitamins for many years. Charlotte also ran a roundtable for Bassetts with a number of Nutritionists and Dietitians to talk about the data from the latest National Diet…

total jobs

Total Jobs

Charlotte recently worked with Total Jobs on a Nutrition and Health questionnaire for employees. Charlotte’s role was to review the questionnaire and make changes as well as helping to support them with the original scoring system. Charlotte also provides quotes for Total Jobs to use in the media and with their employees about nutrition and…



Charlotte was recently asked to reappear a number of times on the second BBC One series – Food Truth or Scare. Charlotte was also involved in a lot of the research around what topics to cover and did the fact checking for the BBC for the whole series. Charlotte worked with the BBC last year…

Well Hello Comms

Well Hello Comms

Charlotte is working currently with PR and Comms company Well Hello on a variety of projects. PR is one of Charlotte’s favourite aspects of her work as it’s full of variety, challenging projects and sometimes a touch of glamour and celebrity too. Keep your eyes peeled for more work with Well Hello and Charlotte in…



Charlotte has been working with the ‘at home blood test’ provider – Thriva to help support them in their communications and also in a new project they are working on for their customers. Charlotte previously wrote about working with Thriva and her experience of using the test kit. Many people are moving towards more personalised…

Getting children to eat their vegetables

Nursery Menu Development

Recently Charlotte has been working with a variety of nurseries supporting them on recipe development and meeting the Children’s Food Trust Standards. This work is often challenging but Charlotte really enjoys making an often big difference to the foods being cooked and prepared for children at nursery. Nurseries often benefit even from talking to parents…

First 1000 days of life

CPHVA speaker

Charlotte recently spoke for Nestle at the Community Practitioners and Health Visitors Association (CPHVA) in Telford. The topic of the talk was “The Development of Healthy Eating Practices for Long Term Health” and covered some important new areas of research such as flavour perception and food preference development. The presentation also went into the importance of…

Nutrition Tips for shift workers

Roundtable Events

Charlotte has recently been involved with work with brands and other organisations where a roundtable of nutrition experts is held to find out opinions and share ideas around new products or campaigns. Charlotte loves working with brands in this way and feels it’s a really beneficial, proactive approach for a brand to take when trying…

Journal Writing

Journal Writing

Charlotte has written recently for the Journal of Health Visitors as well as NHD magazine about a variety of topics from cow’s milk to sugar and to veganism. Charlotte enjoys writing work as it helps her to fully research into certain aspects of her field, that she otherwise might not get to know in so…

Multi Meal Households


Charlotte worked this year with the brand Belling – the company well known for their Range Cookers – to help them with a multi-meal household campaign. For this work, Charlotte created multiple recipes which included free from variants such as gluten free, dairy free, vegan and low sugar options. The idea was to offer similar…

Team Whole earth Nutritionist

Whole Earth

Charlotte has teamed up with Whole Earth to help them on their Man Vs Horse Campaign and to work with their three lovely competition winners who will be taking part in the event and challenge. Charlotte’s role with Whole Earth has been to provide detailed copy writing about the benefits of nuts, to get involved…

Media and TV Nutritionist

Channel 5 News

Charlotte recently appeared live on Channel 5 news for the second time. This time talking about activity labels on foods which was a very popular topic in April this year. Charlotte often works with the media and has been involved in pre-records with ITV, Good Morning Britain, Channel 4 and BBC as well as live…

Active Alfie Team Nutritionist

Active Alfie Team Nutritionist

Active Alfie is the UK’s fastest growing kids activity search engine and Charlotte is working for them as their Expert Nutritionist. Active Alfie is a free kids activity search engine as well as an engaging brand, focused on connecting activity providers directly with parents throughout the UK. As part of this work Charlotte will be…

TV Nutritionist - Charlotte Stirling-Reed

BBC One – Food: Truth or Scare Nutritionist

Charlotte was asked to be the TV Nutritionist for a new series on BBC One called “Food: Truth or Scare”. Charlotte was involved heavily in two episodes, one where she works with different groups of people who are struggling to get enough energy from the foods they are eating, and one where she helped the…

Online Nutrition Q and As

Online Nutrition Q and As

Charlotte has been working with many organisations such as Superdrug and also the Accounting Student Network to run online Q and A sessions via twitter and Facebook. These sessions normally involve an hour of unlimited questions from participants which Charlotte does her best to answer in the time allocated. These types of communications with nutritionists…

First 1000 days of life

Barking & Dagenham Conference

Charlotte was recently asked to be one of the Key Note Speakers at a large Early Years conference for the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. Charlotte delivered two practical lectures on the topic of infant nutrition to over 100 delegates at the conference, and received positive engagement during and feedback following on from the…

#TeamMe Superdrug campaign

Superdrug #TeamMe

Charlotte has been working alongside Superdrug on their #TeamMe campaign this Spring which aims to inspire every Briton who wants to improve their health, to take action. This campaign includes Stefanie Reid, Paralympian and Olympian Rebecca Adlington and focuses on encouraging small changes to reach health goals. For this campaign Charlotte has been involved in…

Quaker Oats

Charlotte has been working closely with Quaker Oats and their PR teams on a number of projects and recently delivered a workshop for Journalists at Me Hotel in London, on the health benefits of oats for Quaker’s #SuperStart campaign with Darcey Bussell. See the Campaign’s video with Darcey here.

Brighton and Hove Food Partnership

Charlotte has been working with her old employers – Brighton and Hove Food Partnership on a freelance basis for over 8 months. With this work Charlotte is involved in regularly running weight loss clinics for adults in Brighton as well as delivering training and workshops on Child Nutrition for a variety of audiences.

Adam & Eve DDB

Charlotte worked over Christmas with this top PR company on a campaign for a large UK brand. Charlotte was asked to check nutritional and health facts and ensure they were evidence based. Charlotte was also involved in writing numerous food facts for a New Year campaign.

Book Editing

Charlotte has been working with some top UK publishers to advise and support in the editing of books around the topic of children’s nutrition and health. Charlotte finds this work extremely interesting and is looking to write her own book on children’s nutrition in the near future.

University Lecturing

Charlotte has recently been asked to attend universities across the UK to talk about subjects such as Childhood obesity, Nutrition and the food industry and also about her career in nutrition. Charlotte recently visited Oxford Brookes University and gave a careers talk and developed a project for the student’s assessment.

Fussy Eating Phone Support

Recently Charlotte has been running a series of phone and Skype consultations with parents on the topic of Fussy Eating. Fussy eating can become a real problem for families and Charlotte has a wealth of experience of working with families on this topic. Sometimes a phone consultation is all parents need to help get them…


BBC research and filming

Charlotte has recently been working alongside the BBC, helping with research for their website, fact checking transcripts as well as being involved in the filming of a new series which is due on screens in April. Keep your eyes peeled. To see other work where Charlotte has appeared on screens, visit my showreel!

Food Matters Live

Charlotte recently spoke on the topic of ‘Maternal and Infant Nutrition’ at the Food Matters Live conference in London. Charlotte spoke alongside Dr Carrie Ruxton, who chaired the session and received excellent feedback from those attending.

Mind Candy

Charlotte recently worked with Fever PR and Mind Candy on the launch of their new World of Warrior Back to School campaign. The launch included some new, exciting historic World of Warrior characters and each one has its own favourite lunchbox menu. For this Charlotte provided a menu plan for a week’s worth of balanced and…

Butterfly PR – Nutrition Communications

Charlotte took part in a number of PR days throughout summer 2015.  Some of these events were hosted by Butterfly PR and included Charlotte’s participation in nutrition communication events such as expert panels, Q and A sessions and round table discussions. These panels and discussions were on a variety of topics from the future of…

Cow PR

Charlotte has been working alongside Cow PR on a number of projects, mainly around New Product Development. Here Charlotte has been offering advice and guidance as well as researching, shaping the development of products and being a media spokesperson for Cow and their clients. Charlotte has additionally attended events and product launches where she has…

World Cancer Research Fund

Charlotte has been working with the World Cancer Research Fund helping to promote their campaigns  such as “I CAN” as well as helping to review content and materials for future campaigns. Charlotte hopes to continue working with the WCRF to spread their positive messages about health and nutrition in the future.


Charlotte has been working with Big Brand Arla on the development of a Fresh Cow’s milk product for children over one year of age. Charlotte worked with Arla right from the beginning helping to shape the nutritional content as well as the nutritional messages for their new product Arla Big Milk.

B.fresh – B.healthy Lifestyle Plan…

Charlotte has been working with B.fresh, a cold pressed juice company based on a farm in Shropshire, to create the B.Fresh – B.Healthy Lifestyle plan. Charlotte worked closely with the B.fresh team – initially making sure that their ideals on health and wellbeing aligned – visiting their farm,  trying out new juices and seeing where and…

Registered Nutritionists in Practice…

A team of Registered Nutritionists and I have decided to set up a group promoting the good work of Nutritionists across the UK. The aim of this group – titled Registered Nutritionists in Practice, or RNiP –  is to raise awareness of the work that Registered Nutritionists do throughout the UK and to try and…

Spider PR…

Charlotte is currently working with Spider PR on a New Product Development with a client looking to get all the nutrition messages right from word go for their product and in time for it’s launch. They also want to make sure they are promoting the right messages and being honest about helping people to live…

Training Health Care Professionals…

Charlotte is booked to deliver a series of “Why Wait to Talk About Weight” training for Nutrinsight in Birmingham in March. This is an updated training programme which is delivered to Health Care Professionals such as Health Visitors, Nursery Nurses and Early Years Workers to help support them with raising the issue of weight. The training…

British Hospitality Association…

Charlotte is currently involved in a project with the BHA looking at the foods served to children in hospitality organisations. Watch this space as we are just in the initial research stages but hoping for a big development…

Harper's Bazaar Nutrition

Harper’s Bazaar Article

Charlotte was recently asked to write an article for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine on Ditching the Detox – a subject that Charlotte loves as one of her main aims is to help people understand that being healthy isn’t about dieting and detoxing but making small, simple changes to your health over time. To read her article…

NPD Projects…

Charlotte is working with two organisations on new products which are going to market in 2015. These are confidential projects but have both been fascinating and varied roles for Charlotte to work on. This work has involved Charlotte doing initial research into the products, visiting teams and production areas, helping advise on nutrient content, unique…

Nutrition Consultant | Weight Loss

SENSE Committee Member

Sense is an organisation who works to support and promote freelance nutritionists and dietitians in the UK. Charlotte has recently taken on two roles for SENSE which include: “Membership Officer” and “Joint Factsheet Co-ordinator”. See more information on SENSE at the following website link:

1066 Gymnastics Club Nutrition Event

Charlotte was asked to attend a local Gymnastics club – 1066 Gymnastics – to run Healthy Eating training for the staff, as well as a workshop for parents and a talk with the elite squad. The discussions focused around general healthy eating advice with some more specific information regarding advice for Nutrition pre, during and…

Be Simply Great Challenge

Charlotte is working on a brand new media Campaign alongside Victoria Pendleton & Dr Christian Jessen which aims to encourage members of the public to make simple and realistic changes to improve their health and weight. The Campaign also features personal trainer Charlene Hutsebaut and Media psychologist Jo Hemmings as part of it’s expert panel. For more…

West Sussex County Council Schools

Charlotte was asked to support in the co-ordination as well as delivery of training to Schools and School Staff in West Sussex County Council on the topic of childhood obesity and raising the issue of weight.

West Sussex County Council Health

For the past three years Charlotte has been delivering training for Health Care Professionals such as Health Visitors, Midwives, Early Years Practitioners throughout West Sussex. This training mainly focuses on Childhood obesity and encouraging and supporting health professionals to know how to raise the issue of weight.

Channel 4 Food Unwrapped

Charlotte appeared recently on Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped Diet Special discussing fizzy and sugary drinks and also highlighting the surprising amount of sugar found in fruit juice. To see a clip of Charlotte on the show, please click the link below.

LBC Radio

Charlotte regularly speaks on LBC radio as a Nutritional Expert, discussing a number of topics from school food to healthy breakfast swaps and faddy diets. Most recently Charlotte was asked to comment on the arrested parents of a morbidly obese 11 year old.

Morgan Mckinley

Charlotte worked closely with Morgan McKinley to deliver a Workplace Wellbeing Webinar to their employees as part of the companies”Success Series”. This webinar focused on encouraging employees to make healthy changes in the Spring. You can see the summarised version of this webinar below:

Stylist Magazine

Charlotte has been working with Stylist Magazine for over a year providing weekly recipe analysis for their “Gourmet on-the-go” food section.

Mother & Baby Magazine

Charlotte regularly provides quotes and nutritional advice to the media and one of her most regular magazines is Mother & Baby Magazine as well providing a number of quotes for their online site.

Parliamentary Working Group

New All-Party Parliamentary Working Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood – An expert member helping to advise Government decisions and help to develop practical policies to reduce the scale of childhood obesity