Childhood Obesity and Food Marketing…

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There is always controversy in the food and nutrition world. One of the most disputed and complicated area of nutrition is the question of responsibility. Ultimately, what we want to know is: ‘Whose responsibility is it to fix the obesity epidemic’?

Should Government be taking control of the problem? Is it simply down to parenting choices? Is it the job of public health and our doctors? Or, does the food industry need to own up and take some accountability?

Well whichever view you have you will find plenty of opposition. Food industry blames the parents, parents blame the government and so on, and so on.

Ultimately, as I have said many times before, everybody, including schools, politicians, individuals and food corporations need to work together to create positive changes and improve the health of our next generations. However one of the biggest influencers of public health IS the food industry.

Don’t believe me?

Have a look at this incredible video from the American  and see if we can change your mind?

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