Healthy Snack Ideas

Healthy Snack Ideas

Healthy Snack Ideas from Charlotte

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post all about Healthy Dinner Ideas and I thought it was about time I wrote a comprehensive blog post all about Healthy Snack Ideas too.

People regularly ask me for healthy snack ideas, and although there are plenty, it’s hard to think on the spot. It’s also hard to supply as many examples as we may have for the less healthy options. Chocolate bars come in so many varieties and crisps isles are sometimes the biggest isles in the supermarket.

Healthy Snack Ideas

There is such a huge variety of less healthy snack options…

However, although grazing throughout the day on snacks – whether healthy or otherwise – is not a good idea, healthy snacks can help:

  • Boost energy levels when you get a dip
  • Supply a source of energy and nutrients to top you up between meals
  • Be a good source of nutrients in your daily diet
  • Help reduce the risk of you getting too hungry and craving other less healthy options
  • Get in your 5 A Day

Below is a list of some of my favourite healthy snack ideas. I will continue to add to them as we go along, so feel free to send in some of your own ideas for my healthy snacks list.

Healthy Snacks List

Nuts and dried fruit

Nut butters on wholegrain crackers

A piece of fruit – such as a banana (great for a quick energy boost mid-afternoon)

Plain yoghurt with added dried/fresh/frozen fruit

Homemade, low-sugar energy/oat balls

Vegetable sticks with hummus or guacamole dip

Crudites with cheese and tomato

Apple and peanut butter

Banana and a handful of cashews

Small bowl of cereal/porridge – try my overnight oats recipe

Wholegrain crackers and cheese/marmite

Small (150mls) vegetable smoothie

A handful of oats in some natural yoghurt

Homemade guacamole/avocado strips in ½ pitta bread

Slice of homemade banana bread

Fruit bread or malt loaf slice

Hummus on wholegrain toast

Wholegrain English muffin with grated cheese and tomato/tuna & sweetcorn

Herbal tea and nuts/crackers

Plain popcorn or sprinkled with herbs/paprika

Or Jamie Oliver’s Marmite Popcorn

Sweet potato ‘chips’ sprinkled with paprika

A handful of mixed seeds

Toasted pitta and dips – yoghurt, guacamole, hummus

Oatcakes and marmite


Eggy bread

Free range egg and wholegrain soldiers

Beetroot/kale/vegetable chips

Fruit and nut bar (with no added sugar)

Hard boiled egg

Small pancakes with yoghurt and fruit

Mini free-range chicken & veg wrap

Homemade frozen yoghurt

Slice of buffalo mozzarella, beef tomato and avocado

Healthy Snack Ideas

Green tea with pear and some cashew nuts. Great snack idea.


So that’s my list so far. Please do send me any more of your ideas on the contact me page. Always happy to add really healthy and delicious snacks to these healthy snack ideas. Also check out my @SR_Nutrition Instagram page for more healthy snack ideas and inspiration too.

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