Healthy Nutrition For The Older Generation

With people on average, living to a greater age, healthy nutrition for the older generation is being talked about more and more.

Eating the right foods and adhering to a perfectly balanced diet can be challenging, especially so for older people whose appetites have diminished or who may struggle to prepare three balanced meals every day. It is vital, though, they get the nutrition they need so that they won’t be afflicted with dietary-related conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes or coronary heart disease.

This infographic from Be Independent Home Care  dispenses brilliant advice on nutrition for older people by recommending a variety of diets based on the person’s most pressing needs. The infographic also offers tips on healthy nutrition for older people and how best to ensure that older adults can stick to a healthy, balanced diet. While specific dietary needs will vary from person to person, these guidelines are generally applicable across the board and offer a solid foundation on which to build a diet for older people.

Nutrition Recommendations for Older People

When working with older populations, it’s often very different to the recommendations we might make for the general population. As Nutritionists, it’s important to remember this. Emphasising positives rather than negatives can help make nutrition messages clearer for older generations. For example, instead of telling them foods to avoid and cut out, it’s better to try and encourage healthy foods to include such as fibre, iron and vitamins. Additionally, there are many ways you can work with older populations to improve the mealtime occasion, and help encourage them to enjoy food for longer in life. Have a look at the tips and goals on the infographic below and let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback yourself.

An infographic by the team at Beindependent Home Care

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