Expert Advice on Child Nutrition: Little Foodie Launch

Since I went on maternity leave I had such a huge desire to equip parents with the right knowledge and support in order to help make parenting just that little bit easier.

Parenting is HARD. Everyone says it, but I don’t think anyone really gets it until, suddenly, you’re in the thick of it.

Knowing what to do is 99% guesswork and Google is often your best friend and your worst enemy all rolled into one. I wrote previously about my breastfeeding experience and, since I posted this, I had such a wealth of feedback from parents that there needs to be more support and more honest conversation about parenting/breastfeeding and even weaning.

So when I went about starting my own weaning journey with my son, I decided to document it on social media (mainly instagram) to allow others to see how a Registered Nutritionist, who specialises in this area, would go about it. During this time I found SO many parents were screaming out for answers about what/how/why/when to feed baby.

I literally had multiple messages every day from parents asking questions who were struggling or even confused about weaning their own children.

This (as well as my undying love for this topic since the start of my career) pushed me to finally do something about it and myself and a colleague – Dr Emma Derbyshire – set about creating a new project to do what was needed: To be the ‘go to’ for all information about feeding children in the early years.

LittleFoodie.Org was created!

Little Foodie Launch

Little Foodie

LittleFoodie.Org is a fun, evidence-based organisation that aims to fuel a fresh, new movement – helping children to have fun and build a healthy relationship with food right from the start.

The way we plan to work is to support parents and carers directly to help overcome the struggles and battles that come hand-in-hand with feeding young children. Emma and I are both mums and both Registered Nutritionists and so we combine hands on, practiscal experience with the latest scientific evidence!

What does Little Foodie do?

Currently Little Foodie provides a number of free factsheets which cover a range of child feeding topics from “Preparing to Wean” and “Finger Foods” to “Fussy Eating” and “Lunchbox Inspirations”.

In the future we also aim to offer a regular online forum where hot topics in nutrition can be discussed and to run workshops for parents throughout the UK.

I have also been offering Skype and phone consultations to parents who want a little more individualised support.

Getting in touch

For more information you can find us on our social channels (instagram and twitter) @littlefoodieorg and also visit our website

If you’re looking for business opportunities we would also love to hear from you as we are hoping to work with influencers across the UK.

Little Foodie Launch