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Nutrition News

Welcome to Nutrition News. This week in the Nutrition News there is some revelation of salt content in meat alternative products, advice about vitamin supplements, the environmental impact of our eating habits and much more.

This week I wrote about processed food. Also there were many headlines about the salt content found in processed meat alternatives:

In the Nutrition News this week there was a couple of interesting articles about the environmental impact of our food:

Also, there were some headlines about the harm of taking vitamin supplements without professional advice:

This week, the Soil Association released a list of the top family attractions in relation to food and service:

One of the main headlines in the Nutrition News this week was about the rising number of take-away outlets in the whole UK:

And as always, I finish with a bunch of interesting miscellaneous:

Thanks for reading Nutrition News! Have a great weekend and we hope to see you again next week.

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