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Nutrition News

Welcome to Nutrition News. This week in the Nutrition News there was the release of the new portions guidelines, articles about veganism following Veganuary, a study that came up with a diet that is not only beneficial to human health but also to the planet and much more. I hope you enjoy it!

One of the hottest topics in the Nutrition News this week was the new study that came out with an optimal diet to improve our health and is also sustainable to the planet. Read more about it here:

As it is Veganuary, no doubt there are many articles in the Nutrition News about veganism and how to increase vegetable intake:

Another hot topic this week was the release, by the British Nutrition Foundation, of the new guidelines for food portions:

Also, this week there is a couple of articles about the importance of fibre in our diet:

And as always, I’m finishing up with a variety of interesting miscellaneous:

Thanks for reading Nutrition News! Have a great weekend and we hope to see you again next week

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