No Added Sugar Apple Crumble Recipe

No Added Sugar Apple Crumble Recipe

Towards the end of last year I did some work with Superdrug to create some healthy, warming recipes that were suitable for the whole family. One option that I created was a no added sugar apple crumble recipe!

No Added Sugar Apple Crumble Recipe

Sugar is of course something that is absolutely fine to include in your diet in moderation. However, most of us need to reduce the amount of ‘free’ or added sugars we are consuming. Also I’m a huge believer that if you’re cooking in the right way, you don’t need to add huge amounts of sugar and salt to dishes. Herbs and spices are great to replace salt. Fruits (including dried fruits) are naturally very sweet as they contain plenty of sugar in them already.

On top of that, young children aren’t recommended to have added sugar. So I wanted to create a recipe that was naturally sweet, delicious and suitable for all the family.

Try my No Added Sugar Apple Crumble recipe from Superdrug – check out the video AND the full recipe details below too.

No Added Sugar Apple Crumble

No Added Sugar Apple Crumble RecipeMakes 1 crumble to share

  • 700g apples
  • 50g chopped dates
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • 50mls water

For topping:

  • 85g wholemeal flour
  • 85g rolled oats
  • 60g butter or soya spread
  • Zest of half an orange


  1. Preheat the oven to 180℃
  2. Peel all the apples to start
  3. Add 50mls of water to a pan and bring it to the boil
  4. No Added Sugar Apple Crumble RecipeChop the apples into fairly small chunks and add them to the boiling water as you go (this allows you to get a good mix of well cooked and harder, more chunky apples in your final dish).
  5. Once all the apples are in the pan, add the cinnamon and the dates and turn the heat down slightly. Add a lid to the pan and cook for another 10 minutes or so (you can add a little more water to the pan if necessary).
  6. Once some of the apples are nice and soft, turn the heat to a simmer and remove the lid. Allow any remaining water to evaporate out of the pan and then remove the apple mixture from the heat and add to the bottom of a crumble dish (roughly 20 cm by 20 cm in size, but any will do).

For the crumble:

  1. Add the butter, oats and flour into a bowl with the orange zest and mix together using your fingers (or pulse the ingredients together in a food processor).
  2. Once the mixture is a similar texture to breadcrumbs and is mixed all the way through, pour on top of the apples and give the container a little shake to make sure it fills in the gaps.
  3. Pop the crumble in the oven for around 20 minutes or until it goes a nice golden brown on top. Once cooked, serve warm with a dollop of natural yogurt and a little orange zest to top.

I am saving all my recipes, including this no added sugar apple crumble recipe in the recipes section of my blog. Please feel free to try some more great food ideas!

No Added Sugar Apple Crumble Recipe

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