Healthy Easter Biscuits

I love Easter and Easter biscuits have always been a staple at this time of year in my family.

This year I wanted to create some biscuits of my own for Raffy. I did lots of experimenting with the recipe and FINALLY landed on one that actually doesn’t include any refined sugars, just apple juice (which does contain natural sugars and adds some natural sweetness to the recipe).

I’ve put some suggestions below for people who would like the biscuits a little sweeter. These are low sugar, dairy free and egg free so cater for everyone (almost), but, of course, if you want to adapt the recipe to suit your family, for older children/adults and for those who don’t need free-from options, you can always do so too.

As I mentioned in my blog on Fun Easter Ideas with Children on Monday, I want to provide options for families who DO want to have lower sugar options for babies, but I’m not suggesting that everyone has to do this. Also do check out my blog on Monday for some more fun ideas to do at Easter with little ones, that don’t have to revolve around food.

Healthy Easter Biscuits


makes roughly 10-15 biscuits

  • 110g of unsalted butter or plant based spread (softened)
  • 200g of plain wholemeal flour (you can also use white and self raising too)
  • 1.5 tsp of ground mixed spice
  • 40-50mls apple juice
  • 100g currants


  1. Lightly grease a large baking tray
  2. Add the butter to a bowl
  3. Add the flour and mixed spice and mix well with your fingers until it makes a breadcrumb texture
  4. Add the currants and then slowly add the juice – you just need enough to combine the whole mixture into a round dough
  5. Sprinkle extra flour on a flat, clean surface and roll the dough out until it’s around ½ a cm thick – (you can make it thicker than this which will make more of a softer texture) for the biscuits
  6. Use a cookie cutter to cut the biscuit shapes and place them on the baking tray. Bake for around 15-20 mins or until they are just very slightly browned at 200℃
  7. Leave to cool and then place on a wire tray

*If you want them sweeter, you can always add 30g caster sugar and swap the apple juice for milk

**Plain flour produces denser, harder /biscuits. Self-raising flour will give a lighter/softer/ thicker biscuit.

Other Easter Food Ideas:

  • Don’t forget that my oatcake recipe could also be a good option for Easter time – cut it into Bunny/Egg shapes and add my lemon yogurt dip:

Spoon some yogurt into a bowl and add a few drops of lemon and some lemon peel, stir

  • I also posted on my social media about making Easter egg with kids too. You can use dark chocolate (I went for 90% cocoa, but you can use any chocolate really). Which make for great recipes.
  • I also love Hot Cross Buns and my parent’s made some fab ones this year from Paul Hollywood’s cookbook, but the team at Early Years Nutrition also made a sugar free hot cross bun recipe that you MUST try!

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