Working with Joe Wicks

SR Nutrition Working with Joe Wicks

I’ve been very lucky recently to have met and started working with the incredible Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach). Joe has been signed by his publishers to write a book about introducing babies to solid foods – Wean in 15!

As part of this, Joe wanted to work with an expert in this field who had a similar agenda to him. To help make the whole process of introducing solid foods easier for parents.

Together, we are on a bit of a mission. Joe has said that he’s not an expert in this area, but he is going through it at the moment and he has a huge platform on which to share his journey, his recipes and some expert advice too. I’m honoured to be the expert that Joe is using for supporting the weaning content in his book. And over the next few months I’ll be getting my head stuck into the research to help provide some great, supportive content for Joe.

SR Nutrition Working with Joe Wicks

Social Media

I’m also working with Joe at the moment helping him on some of his social media channels. Mainly with his @Weanin15_ Instagram page which received almost 100,000 followers after only a week of being live. I’ll be supporting Joe on these platforms to help answer some of the weaning questions we get day to day. Also to help him spread his message and our evidence-based advice about weaning a baby onto solids.

It’s been fascinating sharing weaning advice with such a wide audience. I’m still learning a lot about what questions parents have and what aspects of introducing solids parents find a challenge. I’m also lucky enough to be working closely with Public Health England on their Start4Life weaning campaign too. Which is helping to back up the evidence based messages that Joe and I are sharing.

Introducing solid foods can be SUCH a confusing time for parents. Ultimately Joe and I want to break all the research down into practical, realistic advice. Along with offering plenty of ideas and inspiration along the way.

Before Wean in 15 hits the shelves (due out in 2020) I’ll also be sharing content and writing some blogs that Joe will share on his own website www.thebodycoach/blog too. So check out some of my latest articles on there including:

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Let me know if you have a read and if you aren’t please follow both @Weanin15_ and @SR_Nutrition on instagram to follow our journey!

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