Weaning Workshop: First Steps Webinar

Weaning Workshop: First Steps Webinar

As a Baby and Child Nutritionist, I get asked many, many questions from parents about the HOW, WHAT and WHEN of starting their baby on solid foods. Lots of parents just don’t know where to start. Or even might just want a bit of a confidence boost to help see them on their way. I spend a lot of time answering questions on line and my blogs are always there for support.

However, since working with Joe Wicks on wean in 15 I am having questions from thousands of parents every day.  From this, I’ve found that parental confidence really DOES make a difference to how weaning is approached by parents. Therefore I’m now making it my MISSION in life to give parents confidence in feeding their children. From start to finish.

Charlotte Stirling Reed & Joe Wicks

As the first part of this mission I’ve decided to run some Online Live Webinars for new parents who want detailed advice on the first steps of their baby’s weaning journey.

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During the webinars I’ll talk you through ALL you need to get started with confidence, including:

  • Weaning methods to choose
  • First Foods to start with
  • Mealtime environments
  • Textures
  • Introducing finger foods
  • Food refusal
  • Milk changes

This 1 hour webinar really will give you everything you need to begin. AND I’ll also be around for another 30 minutes after the session is over to answer any further questions you have LIVE.

I really hope this is a first step in me providing more individualised and detailed advice to those families who are wanting it.

It’s actually National Weaning Week coming up the week beginning 4th May. So I’m going to run my first Live Webinar on Tuesday 5th May at 1.30pm.

I’m offering a discounted rate for this first session (and because it’s #NationalWeaningWeek) of £19.99.

If you’re interested in joining me…please follow the link below. Here you can sign up for my very first webinar – Weaning Workshop: First Steps by Charlotte Stirling-Reed – The Baby & Child Nutritionist!

Click Here to SIGN UP For My Webinar

Can’t wait to see you there!

Weaning Workshop: First Steps Webinar

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