Top 10 Breakfast Ideas for Children

Top 10 Breakfast Ideas for Children

The number of times I’m asked for breakfast ideas for kids in the morning. I think people really struggle with getting the inspiration to create something new. When they are tired and, more often than not, in a rush. It’s so easy to get stuck on the same old breakfasts each day. Choosing my top 10 breakfast ideas for children is tough as there are actually so many that I could pick.

So this blog is all about the inspiration. To give you ideas, so you can mix breakfast up and stop your baby/toddler/child/self from getting bored when it comes to your morning’s feast.

Top 10 Breakfast Ideas for Children

Raffy’s breakfast habits

I LOVE breakfast time with Raffy. And just like Joe Wick’s Indie, Raffy loves a big breakfast in the morning. It’s usually the meal he’s most excited (or whiney) for and normally where he eats the most.

I try and vary breakfast for him as much as possible. In reality it’s normally weekends where he gets something different. Porridge/Weetabix is what’s on offer during the week. At the moment, he’s at nursery 2-3 days a week and so it’s not that often that I’m making him breakfast on weekdays.

However, I wanted to share a list of my FAVOURITE breakfast ideas. For when you have time or if you’re just looking for something new.

10 Breakfast Ideas for Children

Top 10 Breakfast Ideas for Children

Here are 10 breakfast ideas for children, babies, toddlers AND of course, adults:

  1. Porridge. It has to be porridge first. So versatile and I’ve written about OATS as well as how to mix it up when it comes to your porridge toppings too.
  2. Low sugar, fortified cereals. Baby rice/porridge (with no added sugar) or cereals such as Weetabix, shredded wheat and bite size shredded wheat. No added sugar muesli, puffed oats, puffed rice are also great as (if fortified). They give little ones a good dose of nutrients in the morning, along with some fibre.
  3. Yogurt, fruits and oats. People are often unsure if you can offer oats raw. You can and sprinkled on yogurt with some delicious fruits mixed in is a great start to the morning.
  4. Toast and toppings. Think mashed avocado, banana and peanut butter, scrambled egg with tomatoes or some salmon and yogurt.
  5. Vegetable omelettes. A great way to get some veggies in at the start of the day. You may want to offer some carbs on the side if there are no carbs in this brekkie. Potatoes in the omelette work or a simple ½ slice of toast on the side.
  6. Overnight oats. Such a quick one in the morning, or if you need to feed your little one on the go. Fill a mason jar with oats and other ingredients, top it with milk and leave it in the fridge. The next morning it’ll be good to go! Take a look!
  7. Dippy egg and soldiers with some fresh fruit on the side. Always a winner and YES, babies can have dippy egg as long as it is red lion stamped.
  8. Pancakes. I love topping these with sweet & savoury options. Check out my recipes here and here.
  9. Fritattas. A quick option and you can even make them in bulk and defrost the night before you need them. Fritattas are also great for on the go.
  10. English breakfast. For when you’ve got more time, obvs! Beans, mushrooms, tomato, salmon (why not), toast, hummus – whatever works!

Top 10 Breakfast Ideas for Children

It’s good to try and balance out breakfast so you’re getting some nutrients in there as well as a balance of the main food groups. Try and think about how you can include; carbs, fruit/veg and protein and or dairy in your little one’s breakfast. That way they’ll be starting the day with a good dose of many of the vital nutrients they need for growth and development!

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