Wean in 15 has Launched

Joe Wicks

I’ve been working with Joe Wicks on his Wean in 15 campaign now for around a year and a half. I can honestly say I’ve loved it all! Joe and I first met at a Gousto launch. He was thinking about weaning Indie and I was an expert in this area. So we got chatting right away. We chatted non-stop and Joe was so interested to hear a lot of the science behind weaning. Plus why I take the Veg Led approach to weaning that I do.

He mentioned a weaning book to me and said he’d had an idea about doing a “Wean in 15” book. I was thrilled and over the next weeks we spoke a lot about weaning. Where to start, how to offer Indie her first foods and what to do about tricky areas such as allergies and finger foods. I guided Joe and Rosie through their weaning journey each day. They didn’t need much, just a little confidence here and there which is what most parents need. As they are both natural foodies, things such as eating together, offering a variety and experimenting with Indie’s taste buds came pretty naturally to them.

Wean in 15 IG page

From all of this the Wean in 15 Instagram page was born. It now has over 380k followers and an audience who learn so much from Joe’s posts and recipes. Joe has been so supportive of me the whole way, really bringing me on board as part of the Wean in 15 team.

We’ve recorded regular Q and A Lives for the last 1.5 years where we’ve answered questions for Joe’s audience. I also supported him initially with putting out nutrition content on his weaning page and his The Body Coach blog. Since then, Joe worked on the Wean in 15 Book. (published yesterday!) We worked closely to make sure that the book was as detailed, helpful, factual and honest as can be. To ensure it’s a really rounded resource for any parents wanting to know more about weaning their baby.

Wean in 15 – The Book

I’m so proud of being a part of the Wean in 15 book. I really think it’s a resource that lots of parents will find very helpful for years to come. The recipes are incredible, and not really what you’d necessarily expect from a baby weaning book. Plenty of meals for the whole family, dishes which experiment with lots of flavour and encouragement for baby to try plenty of different textures too! I love it. It’s the weaning bible!

Joe and I have also recorded a podcast to go along with the book, which you can read more about here. You can also click here to see my IGTV video from when I first received my copy!

I REALLY hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed supporting Joe with all things Wean in 15. A right labour of love. Click the link here to buy Wean in 15 for yourself!

A HUGE thanks to Joe for involving me in this. It’s been career changing stuff and I’ll always be eternally grateful to him for his generosity, support and just being a HUGE inspiration to me in my career!

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