Wean in 15: The Podcast With Joe Wicks

Many of you will already have seen that Joe Wicks and I recorded an 8 part podcast to support the launch of Joe’s Wean in 15 book. Which is on pre-order and also out for release May 14th 2020.

I loved so much being part of the book, and Joe has been so kind giving lots of thanks, regarding the support I’ve offered him since his Weaning journey began.

On top of being part of the Wean in 15 book, Joe recently asked me to help him with recording the Wean in 15 Podcast – obviously I was totally thrilled to do this. It was SO much fun and during recording we cover all the main areas of weaning that we felt parents really needed to know before they begin. We wanted the podcast to offer confidence, a voice of reason and support to parents who are about to start their baby’s journey onto solid foods.

Podcast Topics

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • When to begin solids
  • When to offer finger foods and how
  • Gagging Vs Choking
  • When to introduce allergens
  • Eating out and travelling with a baby
  • Milk amounts, mealtime routines and structures
  • Top Tips from us both
  • And much, much more…

We have a really great chat on the podcast and we’ve tried to keep each episode down to maximum 15 minute episodes (we go over on a couple!!) to ensure that the info is given in bite-sized chunks and that it’s appropriate for time strapped, busy parents! We also set about recording the podcast in Joe’s typical laid back and really non-judgemental style, which I hope really helps parents to feel calm and excited about the weaning journey ahead.

If you haven’t downloaded the podcasts yet, they are available on Apple & Spotify now & you can download all 8 episodes in one go. We’ve had lovely feedback so far but I’d love to hear more.

I really hope you enjoyed it. A big thanks to Joe for letting me be a part of it too!

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