Weaning Week Awards Finalist

Very excited that I’ve been voted for 2 AWARDS for Weaning Week 2020!

I’ve been working in this field for so long and the last couple of years have been blogging, working on social media and designing my new webinars. All to make sure I’m supporting parents on feeding their children and giving confidence. Especially when it comes to introducing solid foods.

Finalist in 3 Categories!

I’m SO grateful to therefore be a finalist in these awards. I’ve made it into 3 categories too:

  • Best Blog
  • Best Instagram influencer
  • Best Online Resource

I genuinely can’t believe it, I’m so pleased.

I’m up against some tough players too. Like my friend and partner in crime Joe Wicks for Wean in 15, and a friend and someone I’ve worked with a few times – What Mummy Makes. Also Annabel Karmel who has written so many books about weaning!

I’d love it if you could vote for me, in any or all of the categories above, especially if you’re a regular reader of my blog. Or if you’ve attended a webinar or enjoy what I do on social media. It would mean so much to have a little nod and acknowledgement towards all the work I’ve been building over the last years.

How to vote

So if you’d like to vote for me, click the link below and scroll down (you can either vote in other categories or leave those blank, totally up to you!!) to my three categories, which are towards the bottom of the awards page.

Click Here To Place Your Votes!


Your vote would mean a huge amount to me, so thank you thank you in advance for voting. It’s been such a big year working on Wean in 15, on the podcasts with Joe and I’m working on a very big project at the moment too (as well as imminently due a baby!! This would just really top it up for me.

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