How To Wean Your Baby

How to wean your baby

I’m SO excited that I’ve finally been able to announce that I’ve written a book! How to Wean Your Baby, is my very first book and it comes out April 29th 2021 from Ebury, Penguin. Excited isn’t even the word. It’s been something I’ve been working on for almost 2 years now and I’ve really put all my knowledge, experience, love and support for weaning parents into the pages in this book.

Genuinely this is something I’ve dreamed of from the very start of my career and now, voila! It’s here.

How to wean your baby

A little different…

I wanted it to be a little different and so it’s really a book that heavily focuses on the HOW TO of weaning. I’ve tried to make it easy, clear and enjoyable for parents to read it too. So I have focused the introduction and all the advice pages on checklists, infographics, notes pages, step by step guides and lots more. All to make it part of the process of weaning – a bit of a weaning journal.

I’ve really worked on making it practical, taking the feedback from my Instagram over the last few years. Knowing what parents want and need when it comes to confidence around introducing solid foods. Confidence is everything and this really underpins all the advice I give out in How to Wean Your Baby. It’s super detailed so it doesn’t leave you asking ‘why’ or ‘how’. What it will do is hopefully arm you with all the knowledge you need to approach weaning your baby confidently.

Step by step guide to weaning

One of the selling points of How to Wean Your Baby is that is also comes along with a 30 day Step-by-Step guide to weaning. This hand holds the reader through the first 30 days of weaning. It offers tips, recipes, shopping lists, checklists and example day structures. It’s really a unique element of the book and something that I was adamant I wanted to include. I’ve been asked SO often for a guide to help parents get started. So here it is, wrapped up within a detailed book all about weaning. I couldn’t be more proud of it.

After the first 30 days, there is also a whole section on “What Next”. Which often parents really need after they’ve taken the first steps on the weaning journey. This helps you to have the knowledge and confidence to continue to feed your baby way into their first year. Including how to balance meals, what to do about textures, what happens when fussy eating starts and, again, much, much more.

How to wean your baby

How to wean your baby

Lastly, How to Wean Your Baby has a recipe section (on top of the 30 days of recipes from the step-by-step plan!). This includes almost 50 recipes for FAMILIES to share. They include some old family favourites from my childhood but also have tonnes of great breakfasts, snack-y options and delicious main meals too. For example mac and greens, baby’s first ice cream, Greek Mezze Platter, hummus pinwheels, sweet and savoury pancakes and baby’s first burgers!

Where you can order my book

I can’t wait for people to get to see this book. It’s really been a labour of love and I’m genuinely so excited to help many people to know exactly HOW to wean their baby for years to come. If you’d like a copy of the book, you can pre-order it from the following stockists right now!


WH Smiths


Book Depository



Let me know if you spot it anywhere else! Thank you so much for all your support too.

Charlotte xx

How to wean your baby

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