Healthy Food Ideas for Valentines Day

It’s Valentine’s Day this weekend and since we’re in lockdown I thought I would share some fun, delicious and healthy meal ideas to have with your loved ones.

Traditionally Valentine’s Day is ALL about the chocolate (which I love), but I also enjoy putting healthy twists on our favourite dishes and to show how good food CAN be delicious as well as nutritious!

This blog focuses on adults but keep an eye out for my Children’s Valentine’s Day blog coming on Friday!

Valentine’s Day Breakfast ideas

Valentine’s Day breakfast is probably not quite so romantic pre-kids, but definitely can still be filled with LOTS of love around the table.

Eggs – there are some great egg shaping tools to turn your poached eggs into hearts or one like this sun and cloud, to make how you have your eggs in the morning a little bit special.

Healthy Valentine's Day Food

Shape your eggs for Breakfast this valentines day!

Breakfast bowls – these are a favourite of mine, and very quick and easy to whip up. Some Greek yoghurt or even an Overnight Oats Recipe  made beautiful simply by adding some colourful fruits, nuts, seeds or berries shaped into a heart to make it extra special.

But to top it all off – PANCAKES – definitely the ideal Valentine’s Day breakfast or brunch. YOu can easily use moulds to make them heard shape of simply finish them with a drizzle of chocolate sauce or some colourful berries!


Healthy Food ideas for Valentine’s Day

For your Valentine’s Day evening (once the kids are tucked up in bed, hopefully!), I have tonnes of delicious food ideas and have displayed most of them in the photos below.

Savoury Valentine’s Day Food Inspo

Sweet Valentine’s Day Food Inspo


So, there you have it! My delicious, healthy food ideas for Valentine’s Day. Do tag me in any pics of your re-creations I love seeing them. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day this weekend and make the most of being at home and safe with your loved ones.

Next up… Valentine’s Day for Children!

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