All About Baby’s Milk: From Birth to Weaning & Beyond

Your baby’s milk requirements and feeding patterns will change considerably in their first 2 years of life. This factsheet answers your milk-related questions at each stage: from your baby’s birth, to weaning, right through to toddlerhood.

This free resource is suitable for both parents with milk-hungry newborns and those with an older baby reducing their intake. With input from a range of healthcare professionals, it will guide you through your little one’s milk journey up to their second birthday.

It covers:

  • Types of milk for babies and toddlers
  • How much milk your baby needs at different stages
  • Night feeding
  • What changes during weaning
  • When baby starts needing more food than milk
  • Plant milk alternatives

All About Baby’s Milk: From Birth to Weaning & Beyond Download

Charlotte’s been incredibly helpful helping me research topics for the BBC One programme Rip Off Britain: Food. Many of the issues we covered crossed over in health and nutrition, and Charlotte’s been able to quickly and consistently provide me with reliable and credible information on a wide range of subjects from – from antioxidant levels in frozen vegetables to energy drinks, to sugar consumption. As well sharing first-hand experience as a nutritionist, she also has a good knowledge of key research carried out by other experts and professionals, which she’s been able to highlight. She’s always a pleasure to deal with and I hope to work with her again.

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