Fact Sheets

Baby and child nutrition factsheets that break down common issues into clear, digestible information and tips. These downloadable pdfs will gently guide you through important stages in your feeding journey, and are yours to keep. Written by Charlotte Stirling-Reed, the Baby and Child Nutritionist.

My Baby Isn’t Taking to Weaning: Help!

Baby not taking to their first foods? Worry not. This guide will give you the reassurance and practical advice you need.

It covers:

  • Why you don’t need to worry
  • Underlying issues to check
  • What you can do to help at different stages
  • Tips and tricks
  • How to make mealtimes a calm environment that will help your baby take to solids.

All About Baby’s Milk: From Birth to Weaning & Beyond

Got questions about how your baby’s milk requirements change over time? This resource is suitable for both parents with milk-hungry newborns and those with an older baby reducing their milk intake. This resource will guide you through your little one’s milk journey in the first 2 years.

It covers:

  • Types of milk for babies and toddlers
  • How much milk your baby needs at different stages
  • Night feeding
  • Milk during weaning
  • When baby starts needing more food than milk
  • Plant milk alternatives

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