Want to spend 90 minutes learning about fussy eating with The Baby & Child Nutritionist?
This comprehensive and informative crash course will provide you with strategies to deal with all the common issues.
You’ll also get Charlotte’s answers to all the big questions – in her own words.

Who is the course for?

Parents and carers of children who are showing signs of picky eating. This includes babies, toddlers and older children.

What you will get

  • Video content delivered by Charlotte Stirling-Reed covering expert, tried and tested strategies to tackle picky eating. The course is yours to keep, so you can watch it back at your leisure.
  • 40 extra minutes of FAQs on the topic of fussy eating, so you’ll get your big questions on food refusal answered.
  • A resource pack full of useful content to support you as you continue your feeding journey with your baby, toddler or child.
Fussy Eating Crash Course

What the course will cover

Charlotte knows just how difficult fussy eating can be, both in her work as a nutritionist but also as something she’s dealt with at home with own children. So, get your notepad ready for lots of tried-and-tested tips and reassurance!

The course covers how to identify fussy eaters, language around food, your child’s appetite, important factors to check, useful real-life case studies and much much more. Best of all, you’ll be given proven strategies (that work!) for coping with this troublesome issue. By the end of the course you’ll feel reassured, supported and ready for your little one’s next meal time!

Thank you so much for tonight’s webinar, it was so useful!  I always follow your tips online, but it’s so helpful to dive deeper into what causes fussy eating & some of the ways to combat it. The Q&A at the end was invaluable!

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