How to Cope with Fussy Eating

Is your baby or child showing signs of fussy eating? You might find they’re refusing food at meal times, pushing their plates away, or just eating a very limited selection of familiar foods. Charlotte knows how frustrating this issue can be, and just how much stress it causes for parents and carers.

Please know – you’re not alone! This factsheet provides support to anyone coping with picky eating at home and offers reassurance that it’s perfectly normal. It will also be useful for those of you who would like to try and prevent this troublesome issue before it starts.

It covers:

  • What fussy eating is
  • Why it happens
  • Questions to ask and things to look out for
  • 3 key strategies
  • Top tips you can action today
  • Reassurance

How to Cope with Fussy Eating Download

Charlotte gave really outstanding, in-depth answers to my questions and was extremely helpful. Charlotte – thanks very much for your time on this occasion from myself and our intern Fritzi – I really appreciate it.

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