Live Webinars

I am very excited about the journey I am making into Live Webinars. I just love presenting in this way and it is ideal for me to get loads of helpful information out to everyone on the specific subject.

The topics I’m covering are as follows:

1.) Weaning Workshop: First Steps

A detailed introduction to the first steps in your weaning journey from The Baby and Child Nutritionist – Charlotte Stirling-Reed. Charlotte will cover everything you need to begin, including weaning methods, first foods, textures, finger foods, environments, guidelines and food refusal!

1 hour webinar with 30 mins questions

2.) Weaning Workshop: Next Steps

A follow on webinar for those who have been on the Weaning First Steps Webinar OR those who are into their weaning journey with their baby and looking for some support around “What Next?” Hosted by The Baby & Child Nutritionist, Charlotte Stirling-Reed. Charlotte will cover everything from moving on to family meals, to textures, to what fluids when and to food refusal and feeding challenges. This webinar will give you everything you need to successfully wean your baby onto Family Foods.

1 hour webinar with 30 mins questions

3.) Fussy Eating Workshop

A supportive and detailed webinar on Fussy Eating behaviours in babies and toddlers from The Baby & Child Nutritionist – Charlotte Stirling-Reed. The webinar will cover how to identify fussy eaters, underlying factors to check as well as details, case studies and strategies to cope with fussy eating behaviours…that work!

To book your place on my next Webinars…


Weaning First Steps Webinar – Wednesday 7th April at 8.00pm

Weaning Next Steps Webinar – Date TBC

Fussy Eating Webinar – Thursday 25th March at 8.00pm

p.s. I’m trying to be flexible with dates and times, but am having to juggle with childcare duties! I’ll keep adding more dates here as and when I can!