Online Weaning Course

If you’re soon to begin your baby’s weaning journey, Charlotte Stirling-Reed’s Online Weaning Course is your complete step-by-step guide to introducing solids.

From offering first tastes right through to weaning onto family meals, you’ll learn everything you need to know to feed your baby with confidence.

Online Weaning Course

Charlotte’s unique friendly, reassuring and practical style is paramount to making this weaning course different – helping you to understand the current guidance around feeding your baby in an easy and digestible way. This course also includes plenty of attention to detail, helping to really answer all the questions you might have. 

A Complete Step-by-Step Weaning Guide

Delivered in HD video format, the weaning course is broken down into manageable sections that you can work through at your own pace. You’ll be taught how to know when your baby is ready,  how to get prepared and how to move through solid foods – right up to when your child reaches 12 months old. You’ll feel confident and reassured to know how to deal with everything along your baby’s weaning journey.


Learn From The Baby and Child Nutritionist 

Charlotte brings over a decade of experience supporting thousands of families with feeding their babies.

A best selling author, mummy and a “nutritionist to the stars”, her warm approach combined with clear, evidence-backed guidance sees her regularly featured in the media as a leading authority on child nutrition.

Charlotte speaks to hundreds of families every week about feeding their babies, so she knows which areas parents and carers struggle with the most, and she knows the practical tips and advice that can make the whole weaning process smoother.

Her aim is to give parents total confidence in feeding their babies. 

Online Weaning Course

What will you learn?

Part 1 – Getting Ready for Weaning

Section 1 – Before You Begin

This section is ALL about getting you ready for your weaning journey. It’s about the prep and what you need to kick start it smoothly. Here we will cover: 

  • What to expect and how to prepare
  • Weaning equipment
  • What you need to know when starting
  • Weaning methods: spoon feeding vs baby-led weaning
Cutlery Tips for Babies and Toddlers
Online Weaning Course

Section 2  – Starting First Tastes

This is taking off from the preparations and supporting you with your baby’s very first tastes of solid food. Here we will cover: 

  • Gagging vs choking 
  • Which foods to offer first – and how
  • Milk intakes
  • How to move through textures and finger foods
  • Gagging vs choking 

Section 3 – Moving Forward With Foods

In this next part we’re really working on all of the weaning “need to know” details to help you carry on your weaning journey with confidence. Here we’ll cover: 

  • What to do next
  • How to move through meals
  • Critical nutrients and allergens
  • What portion sizes to offer
  • Food refusal and what to do
Online Weaning Course
Online Weaning Course

Part 2:  Next Steps Onto Solid Foods

Section 1 – Family Mealtimes

You’ll learn how to move onto family meals, how to move on with textures, how to move on with finger foods and milk amounts.

  • How to move onto family meals
  • Moving on with textures
  • How to move on with finger foods
  • Milk Amounts

Section 2 – Getting it “right”

You’ll learn how to balance meals, food safety, cups and fluids, vegetarian and vegan diets, and what happens at 12 months. You’ll also have access to a dedicated section where Charlotte answers the most common weaning questions that she receives every day in her work.

  • How to balance meals
  • Food Safety
  • Drinks, cups and fluids
  • Vegetarian and Vegan diets
  • Reaching 12 months
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“We absolutely loved the weaning course, we covered it in the two separate parts and kept checking in on episodes as we went through our weaning journey with our little one. Having a little one means you don’t have much spare time to do a course, but this course is perfect for that because the episodes are so short and succinct…
I learnt so much being a first-time Mum and our weaning journey couldn’t have gone better. We also used Charlotte’s weaning book alongside the course and completed the 30-day plan. Our little one will eat/try anything. All the Mums at my baby groups ask me how we did it because they have to add fruit/something sweet to every meal to get their little one to eat it. But our little one loves it all, it’s been so reassuring as a Mum. Our little one did have an adverse reaction to quinoa as part of the 30-day plan, but with the course and book allergen guidance we knew it was a delayed reaction and what the next steps were…
I recommend Charlotte’s course and book to all Mums and it’s going to be a gift I give to my friends and family when they come to weaning their little ones.”

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