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Nutrition Tips for shift workers
Nutrition Tips for shift workers

Brand Communications & Media Work

Charlotte has recently been involved with work with brands and other organisations where a roundtable of nutrition experts is held to find out opinions and share ideas around new products or campaigns. Charlotte loves working with brands in this way and feels it’s a really beneficial, proactive approach for a brand to take when trying to find out more about how their product or messages can be improved.

Registered Nutritionists and Dietitians are a pretty honest bunch when gathered together and so these events can support brands to get a real insight into how health care professionals may view their campaigns.

As you can see from Charlotte’s previous and current projects, she works on a variety of projects and has over 10 years of experience being a freelancer, working with the media as well as big and small brands throughout the UK. If you’re interested in working with Charlotte, in any capacity, please do get in touch with Charlotte directly. She will be will be happy to answer any questions or to schedule a call to see how she can help support you with any project.