Brand Communications & Media Work

Charlotte has been working with the ‘at home blood test’ provider – Thriva to help support them in their communications and also in a new project they are working on for their customers.

Charlotte previously wrote about working with Thriva and her experience of using the test kit. Many people are moving towards more personalised ways to get health and nutrition advice and companies like Thriva are, with Charlotte’s help, tapping into that demand!

It’s a changing time for Nutrition and Health, but its very exciting too.

As you can see from Charlotte’s previous and current projects, she works on a variety of projects and has over 10 years of experience being a freelancer, working with the media as well as big and small brands throughout the UK. If you’re interested in working with Charlotte, in any capacity, please do get in touch with Charlotte directly. She will be will be happy to answer any questions or to schedule a call to see how she can help support you with any project.