Lecturing at Universities

I thought she was really interesting, giving lots of useful, practical information and top tips. Her delivery and presentation was good, an easy going, relaxed but professional style that kept us all engaged and a most useful external speaker. As a self employed practitioner myself, I thought she presented a realistic but encouraging view of what to expect and am sure she inspired many to take the plunge when they graduate.

“I really enjoyed Charlotte’s lecture, she spoke very clearly, and her passion for Nutrition came across. Her talk helped me understand what I need to do to have a successful career in Nutrition and knowing about SENSE Nutrition is really helpful- its nice know that there is a good support network out there in case I want to go down the self-employment route in the future!

“Charlotte reinforced why I chose nutrition as a degree; To know the variety she incorporates into day to day life of being a Nutritionist was refreshing. Her journey into the Nutrition world has made me excited and hopeful for my own future

Nutrition Students from Oxford Brookes University, 6th November, 2015