Corporate Nutritionist

Nutrition is at the forefront of much debate, and reducing our nation’s waistlines has never been more pertinent. Employers are in a great position to influence large number of their employees, which not only helps an individual, but also helps improve the workforce and society as a whole.

In addition poor nutrition can have a deleterious effect on a workforce and there is no question that healthier and happier employees are certainly likely to be more effective and productive.

Workplace Wellness events and corporate Wellbeing Days are popular with many organisations who want to help improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce. Charlotte has worked with corporate organisations such as Kimberley Clarke, Utility Warehouse and Morgan McKinley, offering a range of nutrition services and flexible corporate nutrition packages. This work often involves the delivery of webinars and workshops, wellbeing days, events and competitions, corporate health checks and analysis of a corporate food environment.

Charlotte is happy to deliver Nutrition and wellbeing messages in a way that suits any organisation and is able to communicate with a range of audience in a variety of formats. To see some of the corporate work that Charlotte has previously been involved with, please visit the project section on this website.

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