Nutritional Speaker

One of charlotte’s favourite activities – for both work and socially – is talking about nutrition and dispelling some of the nutrition myths we read every day in the headlines.

Charlotte has always prided herself on her ability to communicate well and with a wide range of audiences, whatever their background or understanding on nutrition.

Charlotte is frequently asked to be a key note speaker at health education seminars and events, with audiences in the tens to audiences well into the hundreds. Previously Charlotte has spoken on topics such as weight loss, motivational interviewing, childhood obesity, fussy eating, maternal nutrition and much more.

Events at which Charlotte speaks include local authorities or community workshops as well as national conferences such as Food Matters Live.

Charlotte really enjoys communicating messages about nutrition to wide audiences and is regularly involved in expert panels, debates and question and answer sessions, as well as delivering training and lectures for universities and health care professionals throughout the UK.

Charlotte’s enthusiasm for the field of nutrition is one of the reasons she gets fantastic feedback and testimonials from her nutritional talks, and feels inspired that, as one of the UK’s leading nutritionists, she is able to influence and encourage change through motivational speaking.

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Charlotte gave an excellent, interesting, informative, and very entertaining hour-long talk on nutrition, and explained how older people can help to remain healthy by eating  a balanced diet containing essential vitamins and minerals. Charlotte then demonstrated how to quickly and easily make an inexpensive nutritional…

Charlotte was enthusiastic and very knowledgable with lots of research/evidence based practice examples – brilliant presenter! Thank you.    …

I attended a Weight-Loss Workshop given by SR Nutrition and came away with an unambiguous understanding of the way ahead!  Her delivery was precise, her manner confident and she clearly has a very thorough understanding of – and a passion for – her subject.  I…

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I was recently lucky enough to work with BBC Food to create three short videos for their food channel on a variety of nutrition topics. The aim of the videos was to try and bust some myths (only one of my favourite activities, of course!) and help get to the…

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