One to One Nutrition

Charlotte offers dietary consultations on the phone, via Skype or face-to-face for individuals who are looking for advice about their diet or the diet of their children.

One to One Nutrition consultants
Child dental health


Charlotte has been working with Bickiepegs and Doidy Cup for a few years, helping them to develop leaflets and writing articles and research for them on infant nutrition, bottle use and dental health. Recently Charlotte was also asked to develop some weaning recipes for parents which could all be offered using a Doidy cup. Most…

Mighty Productions

Charlotte recently worked with Independent Production Company Mighty Productions to help them film a pilot for a brand new TV show. Charlotte was interviewed alongside many other UK Nutritionists and was selected to be, not just the on-screen nutritionist, but also the shows presenter too. Keep your eyes peeled in the future for Charlotte to…



Throughout 2016 and 2017 Charlotte has been working with the dried fruit and nut brand, Whitworths, on a variety of projects. Some of Charlotte’s work has involved supporting on communications for media, press and the public but Charlotte has also worked on some of Whitworth’s NPD projects and attended internal conferences as well as been…



In late 2016 Charlotte worked on a project with Itsu to help them with some of their new products launches and with their communications to the press. Charlotte supported them on some communications about their Soy, seaweed and other vegan products that were being sold as lunch options in their chain stores. 

total jobs

Total Jobs

Charlotte recently worked with Total Jobs on a Nutrition and Health questionnaire for employees. Charlotte’s role was to review the questionnaire and make changes as well as helping to support them with the original scoring system. Charlotte also provides quotes for Total Jobs to use in the media and with their employees about nutrition and…

Team Whole earth Nutritionist

Whole Earth

Charlotte has teamed up with Whole Earth to help them on their Man Vs Horse Campaign and to work with their three lovely competition winners who will be taking part in the event and challenge. Charlotte’s role with Whole Earth has been to provide detailed copy writing about the benefits of nuts, to get involved…

Active Alfie Team Nutritionist

Active Alfie Team Nutritionist

Active Alfie is the UK’s fastest growing kids activity search engine and Charlotte is working for them as their Expert Nutritionist. Active Alfie is a free kids activity search engine as well as an engaging brand, focused on connecting activity providers directly with parents throughout the UK. As part of this work Charlotte will be…

TV Nutritionist - Charlotte Stirling-Reed

BBC One – Food: Truth or Scare Nutritionist

Charlotte was asked to be the TV Nutritionist for a new series on BBC One called “Food: Truth or Scare”. Charlotte was involved heavily in two episodes, one where she works with different groups of people who are struggling to get enough energy from the foods they are eating, and one where she helped the…

Online Nutrition Q and As

Online Nutrition Q and As

Charlotte has been working with many organisations such as Superdrug and also the Accounting Student Network to run online Q and A sessions via twitter and Facebook. These sessions normally involve an hour of unlimited questions from participants which Charlotte does her best to answer in the time allocated. These types of communications with nutritionists…

#TeamMe Superdrug campaign

Superdrug #TeamMe

Charlotte has been working alongside Superdrug on their #TeamMe campaign this Spring which aims to inspire every Briton who wants to improve their health, to take action. This campaign includes Stefanie Reid, Paralympian and Olympian Rebecca Adlington and focuses on encouraging small changes to reach health goals. For this campaign Charlotte has been involved in…