Baby Nutrition

Baby nutrition is an area that seems to be becoming more and more important in the field of health.

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We now know that the nutrition that children receive in the first days of life can have an impact on their long term health, including disease risk. As well as influencing their food preferences and feeding behaviours later on in life. For Charlotte, baby nutrition is of vital importance because at present there is insufficient support for families, especially for parents with a first child. Topics such as breastfeeding, introducing solid foods, nutritional needs of babies and recommended vitamin supplements are all areas of baby nutrition that mothers need to know about. But it can be hard to find access to reliable, qualified information.

Charlotte trained in baby nutrition when working for the NHS in the first part of her career. This work involved running baby clinics alongside health visitors. As well as delivering training on infant nutrition to health care professionals. Also leading workshops and one to one sessions for mums.

Charlotte still works with mothers on a one-to-one private basis. However she also regularly speaks on the topic of infant nutrition at a local and national level. Charlotte works as a specialist in infant nutrition providing consultation to journalists, researchers, food companies and members of the public. Previous work in this area has involved working with Food Brands such as Arla, Think Tanks such as DEMOS and speaking at conferences such as Food Matters Live about the topic.

She has also recently worked with Joe Wicks on his newest book Wean In 15.

Charlotte regularly writes about baby nutrition for other organisations, as well as for her own nutrition blog. This has included topics such as “Perfect finger foods for baby”;Help, I’m introducing solid foodsand Giving up baby’s bottle.

To see some of Charlotte’s previous projects, visit the project section of the website. Or visit her blog where you will find up-to-date and accurate information about baby nutrition.

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There are many nutritionists who are highly qualified, knowledgeable and credible. Charlotte is all of these things, but is also passionate & interested and has an informal approach which makes her engaging and accessible. She leads discussions with real authority but shares information in a…

She [Charlotte] is a reliable expert and one I know will provide useful, interesting tips and quotes…But best of all – she is super-speedy! I often have to come up with quotes in very little time and Charlotte is always happy to put something together…