Toddler Nutrition

As toddlers grow and develop they also develop independence around food and this can sometimes lead to feeding difficulties or fussy eating in this age group.

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It is especially important in the first three years to help little ones to eat well and encourage them to enjoy a variety of foods, as the foods they enjoy now will help to shape their food preferences and eating patterns in the future.

Nutrition in the first 1000 days of life (up until 2 years of age) has also been shown to have an impact on a child’s risk of developing diseases later in life. That’s why establishing good toddler eating habits is essential when children are young.

From the very outset of her career Charlotte has worked on projects relating to nutritional requirements for toddlers, including fussy eating, toddler eating problems and nutrition guide for toddlers.

Charlotte’s current work involves one to one phone and Skype consultations with families who have fussy eaters and are in need of support from a child nutritionist. Charlotte is qualified, experienced and able to provide information such as meal and dinner ideas for toddlers as well as detailed support on coping with a fussy eater.

A major part of Charlotte’s work involves speaking and presenting at conferences on a local and national level, on topics relating to the nutritional requirements for young children. Charlotte works with brands, the media and TV and PR companies to help promote evidence-based messages from a Registered Nutritionist perspective. To read some of Charlotte’s blogs about toddler nutrition you can see articles such as “Helping kids enjoy healthy eating”, “A parent’s guide to child feeding”, “Coping with fussy eaters”.

Charlotte showed great expertise and creativity during this project, helping Demos to design the format of the research workshops. She also had a great manner with the parents who took part, putting them at ease and encouraging them to participate fully in the workshop exercises….

I have worked with Charlotte Stirling-Reed on Mindful Mum, the online magazine for conscientious parents. I am staff writer for news and Charlotte has been invaluable for putting new and emerging research into context for our readers by offering informative and interesting hints, tips and…