Current Webinars

Delivered by Charlotte Stirling-Reed, the Baby and Child Nutritionist, they’ll provide support, strategies and actionable tips as well as an opportunity to get your questions answered by Charlotte.

Weaning Workshop: First Steps

Tuesday 20th July at 8.00pm

1 hour webinar with 30 mins questions

A detailed introduction to the first steps of weaning, this workshop will give you all the information you need to get started. This session is for everyone, regardless of which approach you wish to take when weaning your baby.

You’ll learn about different weaning methods, first foods, milk intakes, portion sizes, food refusal, textures, finger foods, ideal mealtime environments, and general NHS guidelines. By the end of the session you’ll feel confident about starting weaning and ready to offer your baby their first foods.

Weaning Workshop: Next Steps

1 hour webinar with 30 mins of questions

This follow-on session is perfect for those who have been on the First Steps Webinar OR those who have started their baby’s weaning journey and are now looking for support with the next stage.

In this key workshop, Charlotte will provide detailed information on moving through next steps of textures, how to move onto family meals, milk intakes, what fluids your baby needs and when, supplements, food refusal, responsive feeding, eating out and about, and the common feeding challenges you can expect at this stage. The session will give you all the knowledge you need to wean your baby onto family foods with confidence.

Fussy Eating Workshop

Wednesday 28th July at 8.00pm

1 hour webinar with 30 mins of questions

If you have a baby or toddler who is showing signs of picky eating then this webinar is for you. As frustrating as this issue can be, it’s extremely common and one Charlotte encounters daily in her work – so get your notepad ready for lots of tips!

The workshop covers how to identify fussy eaters, language around food, your child’s appetite, the details of underlying factors to check, and useful case studies. Importantly, you’ll be given tried-and-tested strategies (that work!) for coping with this common issue. By the end of the session you’ll feel reassured and ready for your little one’s next meal time!

Thank you so much for today! You were amazing and so informative! You always managed to both reassure and calm me in my weaning journey and your daily posts always help too. You are clear about expectations alongside reality which is invaluable.

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