Top Tips for a Healthy BBQ…

There is nothing like a great BBQ with friends, sunshine and GREAT food to put you in the mood for summer time. When the weather is beautiful try to make a real effort to venture outside, get out your tongs, dust off your BBQ and enjoy a Happy, Healthy BBQ season J!

It’s not often in the UK we get a chance to dine ‘alfresco’ with friends and family and spend all day in the sun without having to go in for dinner. If the concept of having a “healthy barbeque” sounds unimpressive, take a look at our latest BBQ post on Harper’s Bazaar’s website which helps to show how you can create a healthy, cool BBQ that you’re friends will still appreciate.

Top Tips to a Healthy BBQ

  • When you think of your typical BBQ foods for this year, try thinking outside the box. Burgers can be healthy as well as tasty if you choose the option of making them yourselves with lean, quality mince.
  • Opt for fish instead of offering so many fatty burgers and sausages. Tuna, salmon, mackerel or sardines are all great varieties to have on offer (check that it is Marine Stewardship Council Approved).
  • Choose chicken which is always a popular at a BBQ, but try to go for the breast and remove the skin of any other part before you cook as this is high in saturated fats.
  • Offer plenty of salads to your guests and bring these out before you unleash the meat to allow your guests to top up on the good stuff first!
  • Make healthy vegetable kebabs using a variety of colourful veggies
  • Offer fruit as puddings which your guests will thank you for after they have finished nibbling their way through the buffet all afternoon!
  • Use olive oil, herbs, spices, lemon and lime juice to marinate and flavour foods for fresh, tasty and un-burnt dishes

So here’s to good company, good food and hopefully long-lasting good weather!!spcies for the summer | BBQ

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