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harper's Bazaar Nutrition writer

One of this things I love about my work is speaking to the masses – mainly via the media. There is so much confusion about food and nutrition, and so I like to try and get “out there” and have my voice heard as much as possible. As a Registered Nutritionist I only talk about evidenced-based nutrition – basically nutrition messages that have scientific research behind them – not simply my opinion or something I read in a paper.

Harper’s Bazaar Nutrition Writer

That’s one of the reasons why I love (and am very proud of) the articles I have written for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. Harper’s Bazaar is known as one of the most ‘sophisticated women’s fashion magazines’ in the UK. The Hearst UK website says that the Harper’s Bazaar reader is: “…a discerning, style-conscious, intelligent 30+ woman who is cultured, well-travelled and independent. She knows her own mind, yet also appreciates Bazaar’s curated edit, helpful advice, and knowledgeable point of view.” So it’s great to have some kind of influence over the nutrition advice that this group of people have access too.

My Harper’s articles

I’ve written for Harper’s on a variety of topics and provided them with quotes on a number of their own articles. These include:

Drinking Smart – an article about what we should and shouldn’t be ordering at the bar

Ditch the Detox – An honest article highlighting how we’ve been slightly duped by the ‘detox’ myth and explaining how our body will quite happily do the detoxing for us.

Best foods for fertility: An article cutting through the myths and getting to the bottom of foods that can actually help with fertility

The Healthy Way to Barbeque: A fun article which gives a bit of a healthy twist on the traditional British BBQ

What are the benefits of a Vegan Diet? A look into some of the more positive aspects of the 2015/2016 vegan trend.

The healthiest takeaway breakfasts: Giving you the best choices for a quick fix breakfast when you just don’t have the time to sit down in the morning.

Do food fads really work? A Q and A with me and another nutritionist looking at different food fads and their pros and cons.

Healthy low-calorie comfort foods: All about winter warming, healthy food ideas to get you through the winter when you need it the most.

I’m hoping to do more work with Harper’s Bazaar in the future so watch this space and I hope you find the above interesting. Let me know if you have any topics you’d just love to read in Harper’s so I can pitch some ideas to their team by contacting me here.

Harper's Bazaar Nutrition

She [Charlotte] is a reliable expert and one I know will provide useful, interesting tips and quotes…But best of all – she is super-speedy! I often have to come up with quotes in very little time and Charlotte is always happy to put something together…

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