What Can I Feed My Baby And When?

When Do I Start My Baby on Solid Food?

One of the things I get asked a lot when posting foods and recipes on Instagram, is “ What Can I Feed My Baby And When?”. Lots of parents are confused about WHAT they can feed their babies and also WHEN they can offer certain foods to their baby, even after 6 months of age.

I have written a blog about “What NOT to feed your baby” AFTER 6 months of age so check that out for all the foods that (in the UK) we DON’T recommend babies have in their diets. However, when it comes to ALL other foods, pretty much MOST things are OK, some with a few extra caveats. So I thought I would do a blog to highlight when baby can have some of these commonly queried foods.

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Just as an example, I’m often questioned about lentils, spinach, citrus fruits, plant milks, dairy on a daily basis, so hopefully this blog will offer some reassurance that, from 6 months MOST foods are “A OK” for baby. Remember moderation and variety are ALWAYS key when feeding anyone – babies and adults alike – so keep this in mind when you’re feeding baby day to day.

This table offers a quick reference guide to WHEN you can offer some of these foods to baby (spoiler, most are from around 6 months of age):

I hope you find this helpful. Let me know if you’ve ever heard about avoiding other foods in baby’s diet after 6 months that aren’t on the list. But this makes for a great guide of what can I feed my baby and when?

N.B. Please remember, this is based on UK guidance and I’m well aware that even in Ireland, as well as other EU countries and across the world there are different recommendations when it comes to weaning babies!

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