Should You Eat More Protein At Breakfast – BBC Food Videos

Should You Eat More Protein At Breakfast

I was recently lucky enough to work with BBC Food to create three short videos for their food channel on a variety of nutrition topics.

The aim of the videos was to try and bust some myths (only one of my favourite activities, of course!) and help get to the bottom of certain nutrition topics that we often hear about in the media.

The topics I covered during the BBC Food Filming included:

  • Protein – Should You Eat More Protein at Breakfast
  • Carbohydrates – How to eat carbs and stay healthy
  • Packed lunches – How you can make a healthier packed lunch

A good friend of mine and colleague Priya Tew also filmed her own videos for the series too and these were mainly on a variety of child and family nutrition topics.

Should you eat more protein at breakfast?

The first video was titled “Should you eat more protein at breakfast?” and discussed the benefit of spreading your protein intakes out throughout the day, as well as including protein at breakfast.

If you think about it, most of us tend to eat protein at lunch of dinner, but rarely think about having it at breakfast or as snacks. This is fine to do and most people do get enough protein in their daily diet. But for many of us, we may benefit from spreading our protein out throughout the day.

During filming for this I discussed the protein levels in our day to day foods and how many foods are surprisingly low or high in protein. I also discussed how you can make small swaps to your breakfast in order to add some extra protein in and to potentially help you feel full and satisfied after your morning meal.

During the video I also talk about the recommendations for protein for males and females and then, finally I did an on screen example of a really simple, inexpensive and protein packed breakfast. I decided to do an overnight oats recipe as this is one of my favourite breakfasts and I’ve written on my blog before about my love for Overnight Oats.

Check out the video below for my recipe and my top tips to up your protein in the morning.

Filming for BBC Food

I absolutely loved filming for the BBC food video and I really felt like I was on Bake Off as the staff and crew were so professional. The videos themselves have come out so wonderfully and were filmed in the most beautiful kitchen too. Do take a look and let me know if you like them.

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