Healthy Birthday Cakes for Babies

Baby Birthday Cake

Healthy Birthday cake ideas for babies and toddlers can be quite difficult to think of. I know I struggled somewhat to think of ideas when he was younger. There is nothing wrong with a little cake on a 1 year old’s birthday, sure, but I just wanted to see if I could find inspiration for one that was fun, exciting and that Raffy would love without the need for lots of added sugars!

Raffy’s Birthday Cakes:

For his first birthday I made him a fruit tower cake (see pic below with the number 1 candle) and he was so made up. It was fairly easy to make, fun and a real center piece for his first birthday. Raffy has always loved his fruit, especially melon and so this went down a treat for his very special first.

The next year I had the inspiration to try out something totally new…a GIANT pancake cake. I didn’t want to make the same cake again, and was convinced that I didn’t HAVE to make a cake with lots of sugar in, yet again. A Healthy Birthday Cake for babies was possible…I wanted to try something new. I had the idea of a stack of pancakes and it grew into what is now my “PanCAKE Stack Birthday Cake”. Perfect for a cake smash too if you want those crazy pictures. This recipe contains only sugars from the fruit and dairy too, nothing extra added.

Featured in Wean in 15

I was so proud when a version of this made it into Joe’s Wean in 15 book too!

Healthy Birthday cake ideas for babies

Healthy Birthday Cake Pancake Stack Recipe:

So here are the instructions to make a Giant PanCAKE if you’re interested in giving it a go:

  • Make up the pancake mixture as per instructions here, but double the contents!
  • Once the mixture is made, use it to make FOUR large (rather than multiple mini) pancakes and then set them aside on a cooling tray to cool
  • Start making your “frosting” or “icing” by mixing the following in a blender:
  • 2 handfuls of berries
  • 200g crème fraiche (could also use soya yogurt, but it may need a little more whisking)
  • ½ a tub of crème cheese
  • Blend until the mixture is well combined and then pop it in the fridge for as long as you can.
  • Once you’re ready to put your cake together, whisk the ingredient together really, really well – it takes a good few minutes to get it really thick. You want it so that the mixture no longer dollops off the whisk and feels very solid.
  • Spread a layer on the top of a pancake and go ahead and create your layers
  • Finish with some chopped fruits on top and a candle – you could also great chocolate on top too

I’m not actually very artistic, so I’d love to see what others can create with this ingredients and when making their own Pancake cake!

As well as Healthy Birthday Cake Ideas For Toddlers, here are a few other food options (below) that I also used for Raffy’s birthday too. I hope they give a little inspiration!

Healthy Birthday cake ideas for babies

Healthy Birthday cake ideas for babies

Healthy Birthday ideas for babies

Healthy Birthday Ideas for Babies

I cannot believe my little boy is three this week!! Where has that time gone. With another one on the way, life is just so so busy and time is flashing by. And there is obviously the current situation to contend with – how do you tell your little boy that he can’t see his friends on his birthday? But we will still be celebrating as a family and with the lovely sunny weather (hopefully), I know Raf will have an amazing 3rd birthday.

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