Soft Drinks linked to Diabetes: Surprise, surprise…

Yesterday an article was published by the BBC which stated:Fizzy drinks | Soft drinks | Health | Obesity | Diabetes

“Drinking one or more cans of sugary soft drinks a day is linked to an increased risk of diabetes in later life, a study suggests.” 

For those of us who have been campaigning against the Soft Drink Industry and encouraging the public to quit drinking sugary drinks, this comes as no surprise!

We have written a number of blogs on the topic of soft drinks and health, not least posting the video “The Real Bears“, which effectively and expressively demonstrates the impact of sugary beverages on the public’s health.

However, everywhere I go I see people drinking fizzy and soft drinks like water and without giving a seconds thought. It’s not that people shouldn’t drink these drinks EVER…simply that the amount we are consuming is affecting our health and leading to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay, amongst other things.

Marion Nestle today posted a blog about “Coca Cola’s Responsibility Deal” which is saying more or less (as Nestle puts it):

“Hey, it’s not our sugar-water that’s making you put on weight.  It’s up to you to choose what you drink and work it off with physical activity.” 

The answer, really, is –  Think Before You Drink (see our leaflet here). One can a day (or more) IS going to impact your health. Sorry.

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