Weaning baby: First foods to try…

When first introducing solid foods to your baby it is a good idea to try and offer as many homemade dishes as possible.

Jarred baby foods are OK to offer every now and then for convenience, but try to avoid offering these more than about once a week.

Instead make baby’s purees at home using a variety of ingredients or, even better, use foods left over from your own family meals (as long as no salt or sugar has been added).

Offering homemade foods helps get baby used to the tastes of the family’s cooking. It also allows you to be flexible and to offer plenty of variety, which can help reduce fussy eating and food refusal later on. Additionally, homemade foods are a huge advantage as they give you peace of mind, knowing exactly what you are feeding your little one each day.

Some great ideas of first weaning foods to offer include:Weaning | Infant feeding | Complimentary Feeding | Foods for baby

All fruits

All vegetables

Baby rice


Eggs (well cooked)



Meats and fish (well cooked)


Initially, try blending these foods and offering them with some of baby’s usual milk. Remember to gradually increase the thickness of the puree over the first month or so of weaning.

Other great ideas to blend together are:

Sweet potato and broccoli

Apple and carrot

Potato and lentils

Squash and spinach

Apricot and orange

Chicken and kidney beans

Parsnip, sweet potato and lamb or beef

Salmon and peas

Remember you can combine a mix of foods that you wouldn’t normally think would compliment each other such as:

Avocado and Apple

Apricot and potato

Pear and Spinach

Whatever you do, keep offering plenty of variety to your little one. Remember to get the texture right by adding baby’s milk to get it smoother or more food to get it a little thicker.

We will continue to add some WInter Weaning Recipes over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for more ideas 🙂

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